Viz-Serv provides a variety of services designed to help you succeed at vision accessibility.

Trying to reach people is of the utmost importance to small businesses, corporations, and individuals alike. We want to help everyone Reach Beyond Vision and remove the barriers to access that come with vision disability. Viz-Serv is here to help you be more accessible to people who are blind and/or low vision.

We achieve that goal in a number of ways. Read on for some examples of the accessibility services we offer:

Business Solutions

Both customers and employees can benefit from innovative and dynamic accommodations for visual impairment. Viz-Serv has those solutions.


Operations. Advertising. Social Media. Our team has experience in assessing and advising on a range of fields. We apply that knowledge to finding solutions that help you support the blind community.

Accessibility Audits & Analytics

Do you think you could be more accessible? Do you want to discover new ways to reach the blind and visually impaired?

We can help.

Specialized Help

Viz-Serv offers specialized help to people with low vision. Get in touch with us here to let us know how we can help you.

We can also help businesses assist their vision-challenged customers quickly and at-scale with personalized accessibility support.

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