Unfortunately, occurrences like Etsy being sued are not really that surprising.

Starting from the beginning of the pandemic back in 2020, we’ve been trusting that the retail business will put a major spotlight on making their sites accessible. With most of the total populace compelled to shop more regularly online, you’d figure it would be a top concern. However research shows that somewhat recently some retail websites have made zero effort to further develop their accessibility.

Considering the fact that we depend on web-based shopping, this is something that needs to improve. Sadly, there are diminishing returns – instead of moving in a positive direction, we’ve noticed that websites are becoming less and less concerned wit accessibility.

It highlights that there’s a ton of work to do to improve the web.

In the US there’s been an expansion in accessibility claims by 250% between 2017 and 2021. And, if the Etsy lawsuit tells us anything, it’s that the upwards trend isn’t dialing back. If anything, it should absolutely incite more discussions about the significance of web accessibility.

We have scoured the web and created a PDF full of handy Tips for Making Your Website Accessible. and if you’d like one of our accessibility analysts to do a personal audit and provide suggestions for improvement on your website, get in touch ASAP.

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